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Medical Coding Services for Physicians' Offices

Physicians' offices often rely on uncertified coding personnel to complete their coding duties. This can be because they have difficulty hiring and maintaining an adequate coding staff, because they are trying to reduce costs, or because they simply do not understand the benefits that certified coding specialists can offer. However, inaccurate coding can result in a number of costly mistakes for physicians' offices and practices. Therefore, utilizing physician coding services offered by iMedX can be an important choice for an office or practice.

At iMedX we offer physician coding services as well as a number of other related coding services for physicians' offices, medical practices, and treatment centers. Our physician coding services can help you to achieve accurate and compliant coding, improve your revenue cycle process, and reduce costs.

At iMedX, our physician coding services are available for all types of physicians' offices, specialty treatment centers, doctors' offices, and medical practices. Our physician coding teams have experience working with a broad range of specialties. We can offer coding services including remote medical coding, coding audits, coding evaluation, backlog coding, coding training, physician education, and revenue cycle management services for specialties including:

  • Anesthesiology Coding

  • Burn Coding

  • Cardiology Medical Coding

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Coding

  • Emergency Medicine Coding

  • Evaluation And Management Coding

  • General Physician Coding

  • Hospitalist Coding

  • Interventional Radiology Coding

  • Neurology Coding

  • Neurosurgery Coding

  • Ophthalmology Coding

  • Orthopedic Medical Coding

  • Pain Management Coding

  • Pathology Coding

  • Podiatry Coding

  • Radiology Coding

  • Surgical Coding

  • Urology Coding

Why Choose iMedX Physician Coding Services

Our physician coding experts offer a number of benefits for your physicians and physician practices. From increasing productivity to improving compliance, our physician coding services will help your offices and treatment centers improve their revenue cycle and coding processes.

Our physician coding services offer:

  • High productivity combined with high accuracy: Audits performed by our current and previous customers consistently report between 95% and 98% accuracy rates for our physician coding services. Therefore, you can rely on our coding services to produce accurate and compliant results.

  • Coding services from dedicated coding professionals: Our physician coding specialists are dedicated to their careers in the medical coding industry. They are trained to dig deep into each record in order to find your office appropriate codes.

  • Proven quality and dependable service: At iMedX, we have worked to become a trusted physician coding company. We are committed to offering you the best in every service we offer and each project we complete.

  • Expert coding from coding specialists: Our physician coding specialists undergo ongoing training in order to maintain a current working knowledge of healthcare and coding regulations and procedures in this changing industry. Therefore, they can provide you the most accurate and up-to-date results.

  • Efficient alternative to in-house coding: Our remote physician coding services allow us to complete your coding services efficiently without causing office space problems and crowding.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“iMedX was methodical and collaborative in bringing forth new opportunities. The detailed implementation plan laid the groundwork for action. Within 2 months, we started receiving over $1 million in new net revenue.”
- COO, Kansas
“I’ve worked for iMedX for over ten years. Recently, when my husband’s career moved us to Houston, iMEdX moved with me. I love my work and the connections with the people.”
-Consultant, Texas
“The service offered by iMedX is particularly valuable for me as the operator of a small business, in that on a day to day basis I do not have enough typing to warrant employing a full time secretary; particularly as I draft most documents myself, on-screen.”
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What our employees are saying

“I love working for iMedX! Since the day I got hired, the HR personnel, the trainers, my manager and coworkers, have all been so kind, professional, supportive and encouraging in helping me reach my potential! I am so grateful to be a part of this company. :)”


– Melanie Ciarrocchi
“I have only been with this company a couple months and truly enjoy it. I LOVE the fact that they celebrate MT Week with fun contests and videos and recipes.”


– Rebecca McGrew
“I've been withiMedX for 1 year now and it's the best company I've ever worked for, absolutely LOVE it. I've worked for 3 other companies and wish I would've found iMedX a LONG time ago! I do my best and I LOVE being appreciated for it! :-)”


– Janice Martinez
“A career with iMedX has seen me expand my skills and given me the freedom to enjoy my family at the same time.”


“I LOVE working for this company and doing transcription from home! Far exceeded my expectations of a "big company" when I transitioned from being an independent contractor.”


– Linda Baumann
“I have been with iMedX for 2 years and love working for a company that appreciates their employees. We have great communication and teamwork. I enjoy being able to come to work every day knowing through providing quality documentation I am helping to provide excellent patient care! I am thankful to be a part of the best of the best :)”


– Ginger Freelen
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