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Reviews of ICD-10 coding at several health systems in 2015 revealed a predictable pattern of accuracy: 90% for DRGs, 90% for CM, and only 80% for PCS. The financial impact for under-coded cases can be significant. The root cause is ICD-10 PCS, an entirely new very detailed classification that requires the coder to delve into the body of the operative report needed to assign the respective codes. Hence an extensive and continuous review of the codes before the bill finalization is critical to reduce errors and increase reimbursement. These reviews are a requirement in the Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Advice for Hospitals and a common target for RAC Audits.

From assisting significant clients in ICD-10, iMedX is acutely aware of the challenges with the reviews, ranging from reduction in budgets to resource scarcity. iMedX has developed a state-of-the-art review and reporting technology to address these issues – Selene. It not only automates these reviews and integrates with your EMR, but identifies specific areas that the coders repeatedly have issues, thereby providing a platform for continuous improvement. Selene allows you to comply with the ICD-10 requirement to have ongoing external and internal accuracy reviews on a bigger sample size and provide timely ongoing feedback to improve coders’ skills.

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“I felt that getting accurate coding established early was key to our plan to optimize our reimbursement.”
- CFO Trios Health Kennewick, Washington
“I was unaware of iMedX’s reputation for quality consulting services. They stepped in and provided solutions we hadn’t even considered to meet our needs.”
- Revenue Cycle Director, Missouri
“I initially rang iMedX well after hours expecting to get the usual recorded message, but was surprised to find a pleasant and helpful individual answer the phone.”
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“I love working for iMedX! Since the day I got hired, the HR personnel, the trainers, my manager and coworkers, have all been so kind, professional, supportive and encouraging in helping me reach my potential! I am so grateful to be a part of this company. :)”


– Melanie Ciarrocchi
“I have only been with this company a couple months and truly enjoy it. I LOVE the fact that they celebrate MT Week with fun contests and videos and recipes.”


– Rebecca McGrew
“I've been withiMedX for 1 year now and it's the best company I've ever worked for, absolutely LOVE it. I've worked for 3 other companies and wish I would've found iMedX a LONG time ago! I do my best and I LOVE being appreciated for it! :-)”


– Janice Martinez
“A career with iMedX has seen me expand my skills and given me the freedom to enjoy my family at the same time.”


“I LOVE working for this company and doing transcription from home! Far exceeded my expectations of a "big company" when I transitioned from being an independent contractor.”


– Linda Baumann
“I have been with iMedX for 2 years and love working for a company that appreciates their employees. We have great communication and teamwork. I enjoy being able to come to work every day knowing through providing quality documentation I am helping to provide excellent patient care! I am thankful to be a part of the best of the best :)”


– Ginger Freelen
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